From the dangerous realms of the DC Universe, to TV’s most groundbreaking shows, the NY Times bestseller’s list and beyond, I have crafted 360 marketing campaigns and transmedia events that have entertained and enthralled millions the world over.

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Why So Serious?
Legendary viral marketing campaign thrilled millions around the wold to promote Chris Nolan's "The Dark Knight."
Heroes Evolutions
Member of Emmy-winning team behind NBC's Heroes Evolutions transmedia campaign.
Developed concept to turn existing assets into an interactive, 360 video experience.
The Revenant
The adventures of Hugh Glass came to life with a reinvention of a classic "dime novel."
DC Animated Universe
Social content for two features.
The Mummy
Story bible and Dr. Jekyll's "go" bag
The Strain S4
Developed concepts for season 3 social art.
Amazon Audible
Scripted trailers for Amazon audible books.
Terminator Genisys
Developed social content to launch latest iteration of the classic franchise.
Ninja Turtles
Created concept and co-produced website.
Wrote and produced short, viral film and web comic for Spike Lee's Oldboy.
Wrote and produced extensive interactive campaign to launch new YA series from best-selling novelist Michael Grant.
Resistance II: Fall of Man
Developed and wrote original comic book as part of ARG campaign for AAA videogame title.
Top Rank Boxing
Wrote meme generator content for Top Rank Boxing.
The Threshold
Writer for an ARG produced on behalf of tech giant, Cisco.
Robot Monster the Musical
Creator and producer of a musical adaptation of the cult movie classic.
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