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MGM Brand Social

Roles: Strategist, Writer

Agency: Unfold Agency

Client: MGM

Running social media for a major studio like MGM is no small task. It takes guts, grit, determination and ideas - lots and lots of ideas. Since I don't like relying on stale memes and such, I'm always "going to the well" to come up with concepts to keep followers engaged. Here's a few:

  • Organ grinder's monkey. The client wanted "something weird" for Lynch fans when we featured Blue Velvet.

  • Mac photobombs. When celebrating the cult favorite Mac and Me, I had Mac photobomb MGM IP. 

  • Addams Family. Which Addams are you? Take my IG Story quiz, whydontcha!?

Blue Velvet Monkey
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Mac and Me Photobomb.jpg
Addams Family IG Story Quiz
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