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BZRK: Transmedia Experience

Roles: Concept, Writer, Director, Co-Producer

Client: Egmont UK Publishing / The Shadow Gang

To promote the YA series "BZRK" from best-selling novelist Michael Grant, I created, wrote and co-produced a massive transmedia experience that centered around the disappearance of a young man connected to Nexus Humanus, a self-improvement organization dedicated to creating "Sustainable Happiness." The project included custom websites, comics, videos, blogs and even three interactive novellas I developed and wrote.

As the creative lead, writer, co-producer and video director, I shepherded the entire project from inception to completion.

Here's some samples from the project. If you'd like, you can download a full case study here.

BZRK Comic Example
Newspaper Clipping
Doll Ship
This Is Nexus Humanus
Play Video
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