I'm an Emmy-winning transmedia writer who creates and produces interactive experiences to support and market any type of intellectual property. Whether you want to expand your "storyworld," market an existing or new one, or generate buzz for your film, show, game, or book, I have the experience, craft, creativity, and insight to take your project to the next level.

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What's a little insanity between friends? A multi-faceted transmedia effort put best-selling novelist Michael Grant's "BZRK" on the map.
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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

Ever hear of a little movied called "The Dark Knight." Maybe you've even heard of the hugely successful ARG that went with it.
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Heroes Evolutions

Sci-fi geeks still rave about NBC's TV show "Heroes" and the immersive online universe I helped create.
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Hollywood 2.0

Hollywood 2.0 Podcast

Join me, co-host Peter Katz, and stimulating guests as we discuss all things new and exciting in "the biz."
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When ad firms need to create transmedia pitches for top-tier IP, they ask me for help... but if I told you what these properties were, I'd wind up dead in a ditch (it's in the NDA).